Optimas – the optimized saw from the trademark Jansen with patented design from Röttger Jansen-Herfeld (deg. ng.).
The well-known Jansen-Sawtechnology was even improved for this saw.
Clear advantages for the „ring-saw“ compared to regular graded saw blades.

    By means of the attached ring made from special steel, which is unremovably attached to the sawblade, the rigidity was multiplied several times.

Resulting in a higher feed rate as well as a smaller kerf.

Due to the multipart design a better running quietness is achieved thus resulting in an increased service life .

Depending on the design of the saw no inner tension is required any more. This cuts down on repair costs since no re-tensioning is necessary.

Saws with no inner tension can be run at a higher rotational speed (> 3.500 ) with no loss of stability.

Advanced strobe technology. Due to a better cutting performance of the strobes the sideway forces are minimized resulting in a smoother cutting surface .